Applications for free and reduced-priced meals are attached below along with a link to income eligibility guidelines.

A table showing income eligibility guidelines can be found here.

2016-17 Menus
June 2017 High School Menu
June 2017 Middle School Menu

To apply for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, please see the cafeteria manager.

Online Deposits for Food Service Account
Parents who would like to make online deposits into their child's food service account can do so through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

First, sign in to the Parent Portal and navigate to Payments through the menu on the left side of the page. Once inside Payments, determine the amount of money to be added to the account, and enter that into the Payment field. The system will automatically populate the total cost, taking into account a $3.25 convenience charge. Then, click next to proceed to the payment method. Add a payment method and proceed through the remaining steps to process the payment and add funds to the account.

2016-17 Meal Prices
Full price: $1.25
Reduced price: $.30
Adult: Based on cost per item selected

Full price: $2.75
Reduced price: $.40
Adult price: $3.25

Carbonated beverages are not permitted where school meals are being served or consumed. Foods with minimal nutritional value (popcorn, candy, etc.) may only be purchased after school.

For more information, call Child Nutrition at 514-4236.